Corporate Membership

APMP Corporate Membership

With APMP’s Corporate Membership packages, there’s no need to pick which proposal team members will benefit from APMP membership. By bundling your annual purchases with APMP into a single package, you can extend APMP benefits to your entire team and save money for your company in the process.

Nearly every Corporate Membership package is unique. We’ll help you create a package that meets your professional development goals for your team and you’ll only purchase the resources and benefits you know you’ll use.

Take a moment to review the companies that have already made the commitment to building industry-leading proposal teams supported by APMP Corporate Membership.

Why Invest in APMP Corporate Membership for Your Organization?

APMP Corporate Membership is a sign of your commitment to the success of your team and the profession. Whether you’re a team of 8 or 80, APMP is your direct connection to winning more.

Benefits of Corporate Membership include:

      • Membership, event registrations, and certification at a lower rate than purchasing separately.
      • Chapter affiliation, which can be customized depending on your team’s needs.
      • A single invoice for your annual APMP purchases
      • The ability to shift “seats” among teammates as your personnel change.
      • Entire team access to APMP’s Body of Knowledge resource and best practices library
      • A recruiting edge with new talent
      • Member discounts on a range of APMP products and resources
      • Recognition as an industry leader on APMP’s website and marketing materials
      • Sample Corporate Membership Packages at Various Price Levels

Every Corporate Membership package is different, depending on participating companies’ needs. Some sample bundles at various levels are outlined below, but your best bet is to reach out to explore pricing and options that would work best for your company.

We have additional options for ANZ corporate memberships and are glad to share more in a call.

For more information, contact Nigel Dennis, Certification and Corporate Membership Lead here:

Silver Gold Diamond Platinum Partner
Membership Seats 15 25 50 75 100
Bid & Proposal Con Registrations 1 2 3 4 5
APMP Foundation™ Exam Credits 3 4 7 8 10
List Price for Benefits if Purchased Separately $4,450 $7,325 $13,325 $18,525 $24,125
Sample Package Price $4,150 $6,450 $11,375 $15,200 $18,500
Estimated Savings 7% 12% 15% 18% 23%

All prices are in US dollars.

Your Role in Corporate Membership

Your obligation as a Corporate Member of APMP is fairly simple. When you transition from individual memberships to Corporate Membership, the participating company must:

      • Provide list of the individuals who will use the company’s allotted membership seats.
      • Provide a single point of contact for decisions pertaining to the Corporate Membership account.
      • Assist in facilitating timely payments to APMP to ensure no interruption to membership benefits.

For more information, contact Nigel Dennis, Certification and Corporate Membership Lead here:

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