Practitioner Level

Demonstrate Hands-On Mastery of Best Practices at the APMP-Practitioner Level

Ready to advance to Practitioner? The APMP Practitioner Tutorial—complete with tips and example completed PPAQ provides guidance to make it easier for you to receive your APMP Practitioner Certification. Check out this link for details.

Why You Should Pursue Practitioner Level?

APMP-Practitioner  Level Certification demonstrates to peers, clients and managers that:

      • You are committed to improving your professional skills through a rigorous review of your experience record against the global standard.
      • You have a mastery of best practices and can effectively lead/coach teams in their use.
      • You can build and manage a cohesive team that can communicate a consistent winning strategy and positively impact the customer’s decision.
      • You are positioned to be among the top in your profession.

The Practitioner Certification level is appropriate for experienced proposal professionals with three of more years in profession. Practitioner candidates often have a leadership role in their organisations.

Qualifying for Practitioner

Practitioners not only have shown extensive knowledge of best practices, but also have demonstrated against global standards that they can both apply them individually and lead teams in their use.

To earn Practitioner Certification you must:

      • Be a current APMP member who has achieved APMP-Foundation Level status.
      • Have three years experience in a bid and proposals environment.
      • Provide a reference who can verify your experience and support a random check of the evidence you supply in your Proposal Practitioner Assessment Questionnaire (PPAQ).
      • Prepare and submit online the PPAQ providing evidence to substantiate your application at this level.

The APMP Practitioner Assessment Format

Unlike Foundation Level, there is not an exam for APMP’s Practitioner Level Certification. Instead you complete a 35 question Proposal Practitioner Assessment Questionnaire (PPAQ).

Completing the PPAQ provides objective evidence from your professional experience record to substantiate your Practitioner level application. A certified assessor evaluates your PPAQ against the Practitioner Standards and Guidelines then performs a random check of evidence with your reference. Think of it as an RFP response on your own experience with no time limit. You may take as long as you like to complete it.

Preparing Your Proposal Practitioner Assessment Questionnaire

APMP offers an easy-to-follow online training program specifically designed to help you complete the PPAQ. The tutorial is available over the web, 24×7, so participants can work through the PPAQ at their own pace.

The tutorial has 10 detailed chapters that guide you through the entire process from preparing your PPAQ, to submitting your PPAQ online.  Start with your most comfortable competencies identified in a self-assessment and then tackle more challenging competencies as you master the approach. See example competency responses and hear how to handle the challenging areas.

You will receive on-going support from the Director of Certification and Mentors. Expect to spend a 15 to 20 hours completing the questionnaire if you carefully follow the instructions in the Tutorial. You may also choose not to take the tutorial and work through the PPAQ alone.

Receive Help from Practitioner Mentors

Certification Mentors, who are well trained in the Tutorial approach, are available to help those preparing for Practitioner Level Certification. Their aim is to help you understand, plan, and complete your PPAQ. Go to the Certification Mentoring Program for additional details and a list of mentors.

For More Information

If you have any other questions about the preparing your Practitioner PPAQ contact Rick Harris at

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