Thomson Reuters Enhances its White-Label FX Solution

Our devoted White Label Solution team will assist you through every step of the way and will customize your solution according to your requirements. Work with a Powerful Broker to reach the maximum potential of your business. Offer our services as your own with a partnership tailored to your needs. If you only need some of the solution products, contact us to discuss integration options. A carefully designed back-office Forex broker software dedicated to maintaining a healthy trading system. Integrations with Zoho and Microsoft Dynamics are available for our turnkey Forex solutions.

  • Not every white label provider can keep up with the needs of prospective brokerages these days.
  • A full white label client, on the other hand, knows that they are sending their funds directly to a broker without a long track record behind it.
  • Our White Label offer is a turn-key solution, fully hosted and managed by the FX Junction team, branded with your name, logo and custom design.
  • Substantial time as well as human and technical resources, which can prove expensive.
  • Reliable companies unlock access to their advanced technologies and products, implement all the components to make them function as one mechanism.

Normally, experience in finance, investments, and/or trading helps immensely. However, to maximize the potential of your forex firm, you need more than just a website for trading. Your potential consumers expect a certain level of service from Forex trading platforms, and a management system is necessary to integrate within Forex trading platforms. Leverate is a world-known player in the financial solutions market.

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NOP list contains a full list of trading symbols with total results at the bottom. It can be sorted by column e.g. “”Symbol””, “”Buy Volume””, “”Sell Volume”” “”Net Volume””, “”Profit”” etc. The time required for migration is proportional to the amount of data migrated. Migration to the client’s personal account is a straightforward process. A security option with up to 5 IP addresses in the whitelist for each MT4 Manager account. The main tool for managing the Metatrader 4 White Label is Metatrader 4 Manager program.

Match-Trader is a leading provider of trading solutions that cater to the needs of retail and institutional traders. We specialize in developing innovative platforms that allow traders to access global markets and execute trades. FxWhiteLabel’s turnkey solution allows your business to enter the market within weeks and become a competitive Forex broker with low investment and technical issues. Get our powerful MT4 Forex trading platform and get started with Forex brokerage soon. Part of Thomson Reuters premium desktop trading service, Electronic Trading offers a suite of e-commerce products that enable banks to shape, configure and automate FX prices to customers while streamlining risk management.

White Label Forex Solution

You also have the option of monitoring your clients via the MetaTrader Manager. There is no need to spend time on the integration of a third-party platform or spend money to buy additional licenses. TickTrader PAMM represents a fully-featured SaaS web service with an advanced reporting system and a clear model of investment and profit calculation.

The Sirix trading platform makes traders feel at home, exactly what every trader is looking for when settling down and kicking off their investment venture. In recent years, experienced traders are looking for the most innovative and technologically advanced platform that caters to their needs, while maintaining a simple and user-friendly experience through use. The platform is the trader’s home, their safe space, their world of opportunities. It’s important to think outside the box before settling for the “known classics” when choosing a platform for your brokerage. Partnering with a CFD white label provider is critical for your operation and will have your business running with maximum abundance, and will keep your traders with you for the long haul. A business with very little experience in FX or trading will still have a difficult time making an IB business work.

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Furthermore, business owners get high-end payment providers, including the possibility to integrateB2BinPay, a crypto payment solution, that jumps your brokerage company to a brand new level. Test and approve the white label web applications on different devices using common customer scenarios. FX Initiative provides full service hosting and maintenance of our white label web applications, and we work closely with clients to ensure compatibility across different platforms.

If they live in the United States, you will also fall under the aforementioned NFA/CFTC umbrella. Consequently, if you opt for the typically wiser solution of establishing your FX business outside of the US, you will need to forgo US-based clients altogether. Most of our solutions are integrated with blockchain technology because We are crypto enthusiasts.

Our solutions are accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week to meet your global business needs whenever and wherever a foreign exchange opportunity arises. Our management team has extensive experience in the foreign exchange, CFD and equity markets in Asia, Europe and South America. This experience has enabled us to select the best possible technology solutions and choose some of the best price providers available in the market. White Label cTrader is a full-featured brokerage infrastructure used by both institutional businessess and retail broker dealers worldwide. By utilizing our white label solutions, brokerages can get up and running quickly, offering their clients a branded, fully-customizable experience that reflects their individual tastes and preferences. A reliable trading platform is going to be your key performer in a WL business, as licensed platforms can cost up to $200,000 stand-alone.


Multicurrency based margin accounts allow brokers to minimize volatile risks between clients’ equity and brokers’ equity. Margin accounts can be denominated in any currency from the B2Broker liquidity, including cryptocurrencies. Client accounts in different currencies which are correlated to each other can be connected to the one margin account. BNB and BTC based accounts can easily work with BTC based margin account with minimal risk on volatility differences between these two currencies, as an example. No, it doesn’t offer the platform branding possibilities of a full or partial white label, but when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, an IB business can make as much or even more money than a private label setup. An introducing broker does not have any initial or monthly platform fees to pay and doesn’t have to worry about the nuisances that accompany the processing of customer deposits and dealing with potential compliance/legal issues.

Practical Law Fast track case onboarding and practice with confidence. Tap into a team of experts who create and maintain timely, reliable, and accurate resources so you can jumpstart your work. A unique and proprietary Partners Portal will allow you to see real-time analytical dashboards.

The Best Route to an FX White Label Solution – e-FOREX

As it turns out, using a white label trading platform is one of the easiest and most cost-effective options to dive into the fintech industry. This is a big part of the reason why it has become such a preferred option among new-coming trading-oriented companies. They will provide you with other forex brokerage tools and software that are essential to operate an efficient Forex Brokerage Business. Back in the late 90s and early 2000s, it was much easier to start a private label business and offer traders your own version of the MT4 platform without needing to overcome many legal hurdles. To start, what deposit methods do you plan to offer your clients? It is true that some clients, especially those opening larger accounts, will fund mainly via wire transfer, which require no special system or technology to process them.

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The solution technology utilizes a manager protocol to connect the PAMM service and the platform. Is a fast and cost-effective method to attract a new category of clients to your trading business and connect a new source of income. In order to become a White Label partner of XGLOBAL FX you must be an institutional company, regulated by a competent authority. To initiate the process of signing up a White Label partnership agreement, you must first complete the White Label Application Form and submit the required supplementary documents.

A broker who accepts a deposit of 10 Bitcoins from a client would have to keep a margin account balance of 50,000 USD to cover the client’s equity at the current rate of $5,000 per Bitcoin. Using the current exchange rate of 7,000 USD per BTC, the broker would earn 7,000 USD if the client made a profit of 1 BTC. Therefore, the client has 57,000 USD in equity, and the broker has 70,000 USD in equity, as 11 BTC is worth 77,000 USD at the current exchange rate. This disparity will widen noticeably once the price of Bitcoin rises above $10,000 USD. Brokers can select a suitable package according to their individual company’s needs, allowing for customization and scalability, while offering lower prices than the costs one would endure for multiple providers. This feature is highly beneficial to those FX broker white labelers.

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Below are some examples of the content we’ve created in the past. But we know content isn’t one-size fits all, so we are also able to create custom-made content to your bespoke requirements, including videos, webinars, content packages and much more. Any action you take upon the information on this website is strictly at your own risk and we will not be liable for any losses and damages in connection with the use of our website content. FX Primus uses FXOpen PAMM Service to expand customer service capabilities and increase the total turnover. All PNL is automatically distributed between the PAMM-manager and all their followers.

fx white label solution

You don’t have to become an artist and paint the next Mona Lisa to make a white label work. It’s not that difficult, but regardless, we’re here to fx white label solution make your life easier. We can analyze your branding initiative and either give you our seal of approval or steer you in a different direction.

Best Forex White Label Solution: The Full Rundown

As soon as the price rises over the specified limit, the stop order becomes a market order and is filled at the best current market price. Stop-loss orders can be placed in either the buy or sell direction. Long positions can be protected by sell-stop orders, which cause a market sell order to be executed if the price falls below a certain threshold. They will be set at a level higher than the current market price and will activate if the price goes over that point.

An IB’s rebate or commission payout is typically also the same as in a white label partnership. Now, if you do not have a large surplus of financially related leads, implementing a white label solution without offering any attractive incentives to your currency traders is a bit of a crap shoot. The odds are stacked against you and, like in trading, business success has a lot to do with aligning the probabilities in your favor. So, like I suggested in the earlier section “Customer Incentives – What do you have to offer? It will give you that extra edge in an already competitive FX brokerage space.

Platforms can also be used standalone with auto-login integration. Foreign Trade Zone Management Software that keeps supply chain data in one central location. Optimize operations, connect with external partners, create reports and keep inventory accurate. Notesco Limited is registered in Bermuda with registration number and registered address of Clovelly, 36 Victoria Street, Hamilton HM 12, Bermuda. The group includes CIFOI Limited with registered office at 28 Irish Town, GX11 1AA, Gibraltar.