As time passes, however, Carrie ran out-of beyond your gym, whining and you can crying more his dying

As time passes, however, Carrie ran out-of beyond your gym, whining and you can crying more his dying

He don’t seem to extremely proper care something regarding the Chris and you may acted much more like she were his enemy unlike their spouse. Such as Henry Bowers, Buddy Repperton and you may Adept Merrill, he could be the best choice from a group of bullies, even when in the place of the 3, this is not verified exactly how many family relations final number Billy’s group, with only a couple of being acquiesced by identity.

Billy try among conspirators exactly who aided during the establishing the fresh new prom nights prank against fellow classmate Carrie White, which have who Christine got harbored a bitter grudge shortly after shedding her prom benefits. Chris got contacted Billy and you may “convinced” him to assist the lady score even with Carrie, therefore he and several almost every other household members and perhaps particular other group people raided good pig farm one-night and you may mercilessly butchered two pigs when you look at the cool bloodstream because of their bloodstream. Billy then broke to the Ewen High-school gymnasium and you may poured the newest pig’s bloodstream with the a couple of buckets, which he then placed high abreast of an effective rafter and you will tied having a line. Whenever prom evening turned up, Christine and you can Billy waited to have Carrie and her date, Tommy Ross, to arrive onstage and get crowned, up coming eliminate this new rope, drenching the pair towards blood. For some time, it plan has worked as opposed to a good hitch on introduction, this package of your own buckets decrease to Tommy’s lead, probably also eliminating him a short while later on and you may fractures his skull. The second time, faculty and students had been dying left and you may best, with no one could figure out what is actually happening. Needless to say, Billy and you will Christine were not harassing by themselves which have determining the fresh secret, to possess immediately after Christine pulled the new line, each other generated their way back so you’re able to a location bar to a keen upstairs place, in which Billy is actually rearing to own intercourse in the celebration away from submitting Carrie to your “biggest humiliation.” But he got zero further than just undoing Christine’s top. Afterwards, Billy’s other classmate Jackie Talbot knocked towards the door into the space where Christine and Billy was indeed sleeping and you may informed him or her, that all of your own town is actually set on flames which Carrie triggered it all. Billy and you can Christine hurriedly place the outfits on the and you may left the brand new roadhouse, maybe not just before Billy stating that in the event the police been aware of how it happened in school, he was gonna Ca. Even if he suspected which he carry out bring Christine if he ran, it absolutely was showed that he actually won’t. Very, when he and you will Christine remaining the club, he said, “This one sucks anyway.” The pair got into Billy’s vehicle, motor stared, higher ray blaring, Christine let out a shout, one appeared to publish rational indicators so you’re able to Billy, that will be once they noticed the brand new battered Carrie right in front of the automobile. Wasting virtually no time, Billy place the car to the complete throttle into the Carrie.

Through to the automobile will make contact, Carrie psychologically took control over they off Billy and you can sent they hurdling right into the latest roadhouse, eliminating them both in revenge.

1976 Flick

He’s this new sweetheart out-of Chris Hargensen. He’s happy to fit everything in on her and she uses they in order to their benefit to encourage him to-do a bad prank on the Carrie Light. He obliges and you can goes for by using Christine and his awesome family members to a ranch and you can slaughters a pig, whose blood was then used for the newest relevant, evil prank against Carrie. He then sets the newest bloodstream toward a container and urban centers they over the put, in which the Prom King was select the night just before, knowing that Carrie might possibly be opted using a great manipulated election, you to Chris create program. From the Prom both of them are invisible. Billy possess second thoughts regarding doing so, but relents in order to Christine’s insistence. Once with setup the latest election regarding Carrie and Tommy Ross, Christine later allows new container fall because organized towards the Carrie once that have manipulated brand new elections due to Norma Watson and their prominent family and you can manages to put the fresh pig’s bloodstream toward Carrie having achievements (whilst knocking Tommy on just how, maybe even destroying your in the act). Next, both go away joyfully and later take notice of the consequence of its prank of some other screen necessary off seeing the new aftermath. However, they soon witness how Carrie kills people inside prom when you look at the payback, and people they know and Miss Collins, and look shocked and you will horrified. Impact they own hit a brick wall through its package, Billy and particularly Christine guarantee payback for what keeps happened and you can try to stepped on Carrie, after they satisfy her on her behalf method family regarding expectations off finishing what they got come. Chris pushes the auto during this event on account of Billy are drunk. Carrie, not, sensory faculties their presence and you will destroys its auto with these people in to the.

2002 Remake

Contained in this version, such as the earlier of those, Billy is actually Christine “Chris” Hargensen’s date. not he or she is together with represented to be an emotionally erratic, malicious delinquent having an incredibly ebony sense of humor in which he suggests a lot more signs and symptoms of malevolence than simply Chris when he slaughtered an effective pig in place of another think and even pressured Chris commit also the plot immerse Carrie that have pig’s bloodstream since she are thinking of redeeming by herself when she noticed just how happier Carrie try.

Billy’s insanity and you can malice eventually became his downfall when the guy made an effort to run-over the now telekinetic-crazed Carrie along with his truck since the Christine pleads to own him to stop. Although not, Carrie sends new truck crashing so you’re able to a tree, crushing each other Billy and Chris to help you passing including an effective pancakes.

2013 Remake

Billy Nolan was depicted because of the Alex Russell. In this new type out of Carrie, Billy try first seen making out along with his spouse Chris and you will enjoying the newest films she published after incontrare adulti over 60 on line.

Billy is very much like the 2002 version, as he’s got a dark and worst front. He or she is found to be most competitive.

Whenever Christine wishes revenge towards the Carrie, they’re going to help you a ranch and you will there he slams the newest pig so you can death which have a sledgehammer. Then he lets Christine slit new pig’s mouth area and looks satisfied off the girl whenever she made it happen.

Billy’s black picture is additionally shown as he try pushing Christine to get the rope, much like the 2002 version of Billy. Then draws the latest line that have Chris causing the blood to drop out. Then grabs Chris as they manage downstairs gently, but once Chris observes Tommy “Thomas” Ross’ dying, Billy easily runs with her towards the nearest exit.

Billy’s dying within this sort of the film are immediate. He attempts to destroy Carrie by the running her over at the fresh new insistence away from Christine, which informs him, “Eliminate this lady, Billy! Destroy the lady!” The guy informs the woman, “Shut-up, I experienced so it.”

After Carrie helps make the car crashes, Billy happens lead-first into the tyre and this breaks their nose, destroying your quickly. His corpse was burned along with the corpse out-of Chris immediately following Carrie explodes the fuel channel.